Character Creation

Character creation comes in four steps; one must pick a class, then a descriptor, then a focus and finally one must pick a Heritage. in the end of the process at the very least one must be able to form a sentence constructed like this "my character is an [adjective][noun] who [verbs] and gains their powers from [a brief back story]. the following pages and paragraphs have more detail.

First, the Class. a Class in this system is one of three basic canvases that determine your starting ability pools and a progression of basic abilities you can draw from. the three classes are as follows: the Glaive who is a physically focused fighter, the Jack who is a jack of all trades as the name implies, and the Nano, who is a scholar skilled in the technology and 'magic' powers of the ancients (weather those powers are based in nanotechnology or something else). more details can be found on their specific pages.




Secondly a descriptor. a descriptor is a character trait, but a deeper character trait than just 'likes pickles' or 'hates cheese'. the Descriptor is something intrinsic to the character; are they cunning, strong, well educated? there are a lot of descriptors available in the numenera core book, and listen them here would be a chore, so instead, this paragraphs page link will deal with customizing the descriptor for a precise fit and special descriptors, like the ones used for non-human characters and mutations.


The Focus is the characters special and unique powers. since the focuses are involved and very specific to the characters, i wont be listing them in full mechanical detail; instead a short description will be given within a specific category and then a web link to where i found them, or a page and title reference for the book they came from, plus any edits made to them to better fit the style and somewhat dark fantasy feel of Sominor. These will be out of character, out of universe discussions, but they will also detail a little of where these abilities might have come from and how common they are; this is important for the final step.

Warriors Foci

Scholars Foci

Adventurers Foci

General Foci

The characters heritage is a special case. the heritage consists of basic questions; How does this character achieve the power of their focus? This need not be scientific, simply interesting, for example a mind reader who senses thoughts and feelings as musical notes. Why can your character perform their focus?  this is simply the origin of the powers. in the aforementioned case, perhaps the mind reader comes from a family known for their mental powers, or encountered a mysterious organism that bonded with them when they were a child. Lastly, Since when did they have this power? naturally the first questions can help with this; if it is bought about by a collection of voice activated machines, presumably they must have found them and gained control of them, which implies adventures in the past. if it was something they were born with then clearly, its something that probably comes from a mutation or their family. the last step of this is to select a skill with which your character  considers a 'favorite' granting them a +1 bonus on the rolls made in that skill, and a 'disfavor' on another skill they posses, giving that skill a -1. these must both be skills the character knows, but if no favorite is chosen, then no disfavor is added either. 

Character Creation

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