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Sominor as a landscape is pitted by its history. its surface has been scarred over and over by terrible engines of war. as a result its surface is home to many strange formations and curious features. broadly speaking the planet is split into two super continents and three continents. one of the super continents, Kadanraal, makes up the known world, with three enclosed seas and several inland seas. to its east the  continent of Rhihandru sits on the  equator and is mostly drowned in extremely dangerous jungles and rain forests, and between them sits the Circular Sea. South are two continents, both cold, one outright icy, playing home to deserts and taiga biomes. capping the world sitting on its northern pole is an ice bound continent called Hy Boreus, which is home to some of the most alien artifacts in the world of sominor.

The Known World

Kadanraal is the known lands of sominor, at least to its current most numerous inhabitants. it is also the second largest of the super-continents and is definitely the most locally well mapped by the inhabitants. This place pays host to several large regions, namely The Manifold Lands a collection of seagoing polities and nations to its farthest east traveling the great rivers and Mediterranean seas that cut into the north eastern and easternmost parts of the continent. and making forays into the Circle Sea. deeper in to the continent we have The Pythior Marches named after the largest Empire in that territory. further west, in the continents centre we have The Desert of Glass a massive area dotted with thousands of shallow craters, pocked occasionally by deeper impact points. South from here is an expanse of plains and later warm wooded regions, the beginings of a few subcontinental stretches of rain forest.


Rhihandru is a harsher continent in some respects than its cousin, thick with jungle and rainforest. many archipelagos sprinkle the edges of the continent, while many lost secrets of the ancients prowl its jungles. strange life, some of it Cleary artificial, fills the area, with one notable region being The White Forest and The Rainbow Tunnels.

Hy Boreus

North, the mighty ice coated wastes of Hy Boreus top the world, peaking it like the skull-cap of a bald priest. this pace is a place of utter cold, the temperature actually being lower than natural for unknown reasons. little is known about this place, save that it is rumoured that here is the only place it is possible to converse with or even see the legendary Great Dragon of Sominor

Geographic Archive

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