Sominor, known as the grave of empires, is a world which has been at the heart of the Endless War. Men and Aliens with the power and aspect of gods and daimones have fought here, and legions have been turned to ash on its soils and in its seas and skies. First they came seeking the Soul of Sominor, a being of immense intellect and immeasurable power. In Leaving behind their weapons and their debris, the first warriors drew other warriors, for the Soul or for the Relics left behind. Thus, these devices and  the orphaned offspring of the mighty belligerants have changed it, scarred it and exposed it to strange extra-dimensional powers. This has left the battered children of war struggling to survive upon its surface, trying to build or rebuild a home. Even now, sometimes, visitors from beyond come, seeking, finding, and failing. However, in the last millenia, no more Empires have arrived. For now, the Endless War is silent, but is this at last an end? or the calm before it finally comes to a head? only time will tell.


System: Numenera,  monte cook games


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