Adventurers Foci

This category contains focuses that i feel are suitable for characters who focus on adventuring as their livelihoods. these are the thieves and tricksters of Sominor, but by no means are they the only focuses they can have.

Crafts Illusions

volumetrics and holography were disciplines that, long ago, the ancients used for entertainment and data projection, creating three dimensional images seemingly out of thin air. the skill to create and power these projection devices consistently has been lost, but enough components and parts to the projectors can be found that an entire discipline has evolved around sculpting lifelike illusions using these techniques. 



Exists Partially Out of Phase

Explores Dark Places

Fights With Panache

Follows the Stars

Hunts With Great Skill

Lives in the Wilderness

Tunes Emotions


Works the Back Alleys

Character Creation

Adventurers Foci

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