Scholars Foci

These are foci I consider suitible for scholarly characters, again of any class. however, these focuses are not the only ones available; if you cannot find a specific focus that you feel works for your character, please check the other available focuses or ask me about creating new ones.

Accesses Ancestral Memories

all races have, to some extent, a programmed set of responses  encoded into their genes. though specific experiences do not flow in to the genes, elements of sensory experiences and well worn neuro-physical responses can flow down the generations as well. with proper training and drugs a practitioner of the Other Memory, a means by which ancient memories can be bought back to the surface, may learn and seek the distant knowledge of the past.

Bears a Staff of Power

Many of the ancient devices of the past are activated and interacted with by symbols and gestures. This is especially true of the ubiquitous nano-spirits that pervade many parts of sominor. thus, from these gestures, a form of ceremonial 'magic' has arisen, utilizing the necessary gestures to direct nano-spirits and harness and store the energy of cyphers and other ancient power within an arcane device. This device is usually a staff of some kind, and is itself always infused with nano-spirits and often carried by priests, wizards or other more 'mystical' practitioners of numenera-based arts, though the powers wielded by them are still rooted in science, albeit Transcendent science. these staves are often borne by those who have the favor, or alliance, of a transhuman or parahuman power, but some were made by the one who carries them as an artifact of thier own.

Commands Mental Powers

Telepathy and psychic abilities are rare but rightly feared by the people of sominor. psychic weapons and their aftereffects can demolish whole civilizations, and the legendary Adversaries (inimical beings from outside of our time and space)  were the most infamous practitioners of these mental arts. reaching through deep strata of reality to alter quantum states, bending the action-potentials of neurons via subtle electromagnetic stimulation, the psychic can distort the will of others, and often carries a focusing device, a crystal worn on the forehead or more subtly on the temple or some kind of coronet. who manufactures these devices remains a complete mystery, but it is said that some are artifacts of the Adversaires, some are creations of the planetmind and still others are relics from the ancient days.

Controls Beasts

Akin to the above, based in similar if less potent forms of power, the beast-tamer can physically control and alter the minds of non-intelligent animals nearby, an act that requires less focus and no need for a an amplifier. these beast tamers generally come from smaller less knowledgeable communities, but that doesn't make their capacity to command the many varied and dangerous beasts of Sominor any less potent. 

Controls Gravity

Gravitational force is an ancient, mysterious and universal power. it is the force of bent space, stilled time and warped reality. Power over gravity and the exotic matter and energies used in its manipulation are among the rarest and strangest of the ancient disciplines. those who can find the proper numenera devices, master the skills and devote the effort to controlling it is always a dangerous being to contend with no matter their other abilities. 

Crafts Unique Objects

Artificers are sought after masters of creation. unlike the mundane blacksmiths and carpenters of the world, artificers wield and manipulate the numenera, using whatever scraps of knowledge can be acquired from experimentation, ancient records, archeology and study to increase thier capacity to invent the future from the knowledge of the past. Artificers and their guilds can make kingdoms or unmake them by empowering, creating, repairing and restoring the numenera that empower them, or doing the opposite and refusing their services. Despite this, studying these devices is still an extremely specialized field as the knowledge of the ancients is often far grander than what a single human mind can comprehend, even with decades of study. 

Employs Magnetism

the mysterious sister to gravity, magnetism predominates as a force over metal and according to some people, electricity (this is of course true but in the world of sominor the debate still rages). Magnetists are considered, much like gravitators, to have mastered a mysterious power that permeates the universe, and often have the ego to match. both magnetists and gravitators are largely trained in the University of Ages in a specific structure that floats above the university called the Hall of Null Forces, a floating orb shaped structure. 

Focuses Mind Over Matter

rarer and even more alien than the forces of magnetism or gravity manipulation, telekinesis is a deeper measure of control over the momentum and structure of matter, but it is (perhaps accurately) considered a less refined art compared to the powers of Gravitators and Magnatists. the telekinetic melds multiple ways of affecting matter within one body, though some debate rages over weather the use of Dust nano-spirits as some telekinetics do is in fact a form of matter control. 

Reanimates The Dead

The necromancer is a feared creature. they have learned to grant false life to flesh and bone, to make puppets of the bodies of those that once lived. this ghoulish practice is looked down upon as desecration, but in truth, it is less destructive and potential terrifying than mentalist powers, or those who can craft weapons from the artifacts of old. the reanimator is usually unwelcome however even if they disguise their cadavers and practice their art only on the willing. dsespite the distaste they generate, the Necromancer often makes an unsurpassed chirurgeon.

Talks To Machines

Extremely rare, and an unusual gift indeed, the capacity to commune with the devices of ages past is a skill not taken lightly. Such 'artificiomancers' are widely sought after by kingdoms and places of learning or religious instruction alike, as they can bring ever greater connections between the ancient powers to light. through such communion, greater powers might be received, but great danger also exists for those who show they are blessed – or cursed – with this ability. 

Wields Power With Precision

The insufferable genius. the eager student who wishes to outdo his master. the old scholar who believes himself infallible. those people would wield their knowledge without giving account of themselves to any other, who believe that by right of cleverness alone they should posses the power of the Numenera and attain (and in their heart of hearts hope to surpass) the power of the ancients. only a few of them ever live up to that ideal; but still they long for it and the power, fame and longevity that come with it.

Character Creation

Scholars Foci

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