Warriors Foci

This page is designed as a short list of permitted focuses that i consider suitable for warrior-type characters in sominor. This does not mean that warrior characters cannot choose a focus from other categories of foci, just that (in my judgment) these are the most useful Foci for Warriors.

Bears a Bandoleer

A gunslinger is a lethal and ranged combatant, who's keen eye and fast reflexes are a benefit no matter where they are from. Anyone who bears a bandoleer can expect to be looked on with a certain amount of awe and respect but be aware: once your weapon is discharged it must be reloaded, and that takes time. often gun-slingers and pistoleers are the products of the Necropolis, the Empire or the Manifold lands.

Bears a Halo of Fire

The character is wreathed in flames generated by the alien science of the numenera. sometimes this is caused by pyrokinetic mutations, other times it is a blessing or curse from an ancient nanospirit, or some other parahuman source. those who bear the flame are treated as dangerous mystic warriors or mages, even if they themselves have no idea where there powers came from. the pyrokinetic mutation is most common among the Korsith and humans of the Glass Desert, were flame-mages or 'Ardents' are raised to fight.

Carries an Eldritch Blade

rarely, extremely rarely, an ancient weapon or device forged with with the numenera, or once gifted to a legendary leader during the Endless War is passed down from generation to generation. These weapons are the product of arcane sciences and seem blessed or magical in the eyes of many. To some, they are a corruption of the knowledge or history of the past, to others a warlords boon and thus, whoever carries one, will draw attention to themselves. The Xi-drake knights of the Pythian empire are osmetimes bequeathed an Eldritch Blade by their fathers upon their fathers retirement from the Order.

Carries A Quiver

Bows and bowers are commonplace in sominor. since these are easier to manufacture, maintain and use than a gun - plus short and longbows can be reloaded faster than a gun – less technologically advanced groups, such as the Changelings or tribes living in the forests of Rihandru make use of both short and long bows. As such, bows can certainly be used by player characters.


Using charisma, natural leadership, and perhaps some training, you command the actions of others, who follow you willingly. You are a commander, a captain, a leader, or a general. Your skills allow you to make people do what you want, but you also have the wisdom to know what actions would be best for your followers and allies.

Masters Defence

Protecting yourself is obviously important in dangerous situations, and you are particularly good at it. Cautious and prudent, you learn techniques to defend against all kinds of attacks, both physical and mental. The winner is often the last person standing, and you’ve done all you can to ensure that person will be you.You carry a shield and probably wear the best armour you can find.

Masters Weaponry

You have worked long and hard with one particular type of weapon: swords, axes, daggers, whips, or whatever you choose. Thus, you are a swordsman,an axemaster, a mistress of knives, or whatever is appropriate to your chosen weapon. A master of the rapier is different from a master of the warhammer. though the weapons master is perhaps less famous than the bearer of an eldritch blade, the master is not to be trifled with for they have earned their strength through practice.


An assassin will always have work, so the saying goes, for as long as there are two people left on the planet somebody will want someone dead. often trained by the houses of assassination in the Manifold lands, where murdering rival princelings is often seen as an appropriate solution where warfare is wasteful and destructive. The professional assassin and the hired killer are masters of disguise as well as the arts of death dealing, and so, most often are never caught.


The Berserker is a strange, frightening monster fueled seemingly by nothing but their rage. the berserker fights without consideration for his or her own safety or the safety of their allies. Stereotypes suggest that Korsith and primitive humans are the greatest or most common berserkers., but the truth is actually that Varjellen can manage a battle trance longer than most races due to their unique physiology, and that true battle trances are practiced things. 

Rides the Lightning

Lightning Riders or Storm-wizards are rare and powerful beings. usually descended from Skyclan weather-mages, these electrokinetics are commonly  taught by skyship weather-worker mentors. The Lightning Rider serves as a reminder of the awesome power of electricity as a force, especially harnessed by the ancients. The lightning riders can bend this force to cause destruction or use its power to project themselves over great distances at speed. while they cannot bend space in the manner of other sorcerers, the lightning riders can use their energy in conjunction with further arcane devices to catapult themselves from place to place and blast their foes with lightning.

Wears a Sheen of Ice

Hailing from northern regions, a secretive cabal of cryokinetics pass their ice-weaving powers granted by ancient numenera based modifications to the body, mind and even genetic code of their acolytes. these individuals are tasked with guarding the Fimbulwinter, an artifact that can freeze the entire world into ice. Ice mages, as they are sometimes called, wield a small fraction of the cooling power of this artifact to generate ice when they need it and the power to shape it as it forms, making them aggressively powerful warriors. 

Wields Two Weapons at Once

You bear steel with both hands, ready to take on any foe. You fight with two weapons in melee, sometimes called dual wielding. A fearsome warrior, quick and strong, you believe that the best defense is a strong offense.

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Warriors Foci

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