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The world of Sominor is steeped, or maybe drowned, in the technology and science of civilizations grander and more advanced than any in human history so far. In this place, magic and science have quite literally blended in to one; the control schemes of one age have become the arcane glyphs of another, and the sciences of one people have become the superstitions of their less materially privileged offspring. Indeed, many of these ancient sciences take on legendary aspect, as the few still-living Posthuman, Artificial and super intelligent minds scattered and stranded in the wake of the Endless War become gods to the forelorn survivors as they spend the centuries trying to carve out a home on this strange, broken world. 

Even more confusingly, these legends and superstitious elements often contain a grain of frightening truth, as bizarre pieces of multi-dimensional matter and long-corrupted AI minds become gates to hell and demons in the minds of the Lost, noting only how they're effects on the world about them are so terrible, rather than why or how these things exist. thus, anyone trained in these devices or able to wield these alien energies, be they from Sominor or from some other world, and be they a scholar or some cursed individual who by quirk of genes can interact with them naturally, are seen as witches, devils and magicians in themselves. 

Thus, Sominor is a world of extremes; cyber-surgery exists alongside knightly tournaments, and priests deal in knowledge of electronics and chemistry as much as in metaphysical powers from beyond the spheres of mortal men. And within it all, somewhere, is the Soul of Sominor, the ultimate prize for whom so many people, societies and even whole species have died and been buried. 

This archive, known as the Library of Lost Empires, is an effort at an objective perspective on Sominor, its situation, and the struggles of its citizens. should it ever come to pass that Sominor is finally claimed, or manages to raise itself from barbarism despite the Endless War, then this library, it is hoped, will serve as an aid for any who wish to understand that world, be they from outside of it, or from its surface.

~ Signed and Sealed by the Librarian 

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